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Treatments for Chronic and Mild Pilonidal Cyst Infection?

Treatments for Chronic and Mild Pilonidal Cyst Infection?

Pilonidal cyst infection affects your daily lifestyle and it’s important to get effective treatments. The skin in the tailbone area gets inflamed and a specialist will give you proper treatment. Pilonidal cyst excision will bring ultimate relief and you will learn why it’s the best treatment option. A surgeon will offer the best treatments and you can carry out your daily work efficiently. 

The surgeon will remove unwanted particles and skin debris and it will reduce pain and inflammation. Once you schedule an appointment you can discuss the symptoms with the specialist who will come up with feasible solutions. This way, you will explore a better life and pilonidal cyst infection won’t bring negative impacts. 

Common Pilonidal Cyst Treatments

First, you must know the usual treatments that will give you relief:

1. Incision and Drainage

The surgeon will drain the fluid through a small cut and thus it will give you better effects. The smart tool helps in making the incision and it becomes easy to drain the fluid. Hence, it brings positive solutions and you will get relief from skin inflammation. 

2. Removing Pilonidal Cyst Surgically

The surgeon will remove the cyst surgically and also it will remove the tissues. It will help you avoid getting further infections and thus you can lead a normal life. The surgeon will check whether you are getting a chronic infection and will suggest the treatment accordingly. 

Once you schedule an appointment with the colorectal surgeon you will learn how the professional will carry out the procedures. Usually, the surgeon will use smarter techniques and it won’t cause much pain. Also, they may use local anesthetics to numb the area and it becomes easy to receive the treatment. 

How to prepare for the procedures?

There is no need to take any preparation for incision and drainage. Doctors recommend wearing loose clothes and thus it helps them get easy access to the area. Hence, they can provide the treatments easily and you will notice the improvements in real-time. Post-surgery you may find it difficult to drive and a prearranged ride will help you reach home easily. Following the post-surgery instructions will help you easily recover and again you can perform your daily works. So, you must prepare yourself accordingly and it will help you get the best results.

Types of Pilonidal Cyst Surgeries

There are different types of pilonidal cyst excision surgeries which are:

I. Wide Local Excision

Here, the surgeon will remove the cyst and it moves down to the sacrum. The wound is then packed with medicated gauze and gradually you will recover.

II. Closed Excision

The surgeon may close the wound with stitches and it’s time to find the best colorectal surgeon. Closing the wound after pilonidal cyst excision promotes the recovery process. 

III. Complex Closure Technique

The surgeon uses a flap technique to close the wound and it’s a smart way to closing the wound. The flap then goes down to the underside of the skin and it helps in quick healing and even reduces chances of getting recurring infections. 

IV. Marsupialization Technique

The surgeon uses this technique to remove the roof of the pilonidal cyst. The surgeon will close the wound with stitches and it will help you recover post-surgery. 

These techniques are the best options and surgeons will use smart tools for the procedures. These treatments will make life easier and you can perform better. . 

Natural Remedies Treating Pilonidal Cyst Infection 

The home remedies for pilonidal cyst infection are:

A. Black Tea

Black tea is a natural remedy to reduce skin inflammation due to pilonidal cyst. Black tea has an acidic nature that helps in preventing the spread of the infection. First, get a tea bag and soak it in warm water for a few minutes. Then, you may apply it on the affected area and do it for 15 minutes. 

B. Beeswax

Beeswax prevents your infection becoming severe and even boosts cell generation. First, melt the beeswax and apply it on the pilonidal cyst. Leave the beeswax for a few minutes and you will notice improvements in a few days. 

C. Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil has some medicinal properties and also it has antibacterial properties and also prevents spreading of the infection. Repeat this procedure daily and you will get relief from the pain and swelling.

D. Turmeric

Turmeric reduces inflammation and also it has other skin benefits. You can apply a mixture of turmeric and water and it will effectively reduce skin inflammation. So, you will learn why it’s good to apply a turmeric paste. 

Still, if you face compilation you must consult a surgeon and you will learn the benefits of pilonidal cyst excision surgery.

The surgery is a permanent cure and you won’t get infections later. The surgeons may ask the symptoms you are facing and accordingly they will provide treatments. Pilonidal cyst excision brings ultimate relief and it helps in full fluid drainage. Doctors say you can resume normal life after the procedure and there is no need to make alterations in your schedule. Finally, you can easily get relieved and surgery will help you sit or stand comfortably. Once you find the top surgeon you will feel confident to opt for the treatment.

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