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Does Creatine Break A Fast? Creatine While Fasting Hours

Does Creatine Break A Fast? Creatine While Fasting Hours

Creatine is a staple supplement that most athletes and bodybuilders use to enhance their performance while working out or performing the sports activities that they indulge in. Not just them, but fitness enthusiasts looking for serious muscle growth or enhanced work capacity are also interested in the benefits that creatine brings with it. However, If you are giving a try to shed weight or fat, or accomplish any benefit associated with regular or intermittent fasting, some supplements can lead you to the risky zones. So it naturally arises in mind that “Does Creatine Break a Fast?” In this article, we will explore the facts about creatine and its efficiency as a supplement while fasting.

Introduction to Creatine 

Creatine is perhaps the most commonly used supplement to enhance physical performance while engaged in a workout or training regime. It is the most popular ergogenic aid in the fitness market. Although creatine is typically illustrated as a pure white powder or supplement for pre-workout sessions. It is actually a molecule produced within the body by the liver and kidneys from the amino acids glycine, arginine and methionine obtained from food. It is also a naturally occurring amino acid found in red meat or seafood. Studies suggest that creatine has a great safety record, as it helps muscles produce energy during activities such as high-intensity cardio workout sessions and weight training. 

The major proportion of creatine that is found in our body is stored in our muscle cells. With some amount also found in the brain and testes. The amount of creatine that is stored in skeletal cells, a major part is constituted by the form of creatine namely phosphocreatine(PCr). This phosphocreatine helps energize the muscles for longer by playing a significant role in the regeneration of ATP, the substance that powers our cells.

Benefits Of Creatine

The supplementation of creatine is a widespread practice in the fitness community owing to the broad array of benefits it offers to each weight training or intense cardio workout session. Here, we have listed a few benefits that make creatine a popular supplement: 

1. Enhances Exercise Performance

  • Creatine supplements increase the phosphocreatine stores of your muscles. Which aids the formation of ATP, the key substance your muscles use for energy. The ATP energy produced by the body fuels your muscles during high-intensity workout sessions. It also improves numerous factors such as: 
  • Strength
  • Sprint ability
  • Muscle endurance
  • Resistance to exhaustion
  • Muscle mass
  • Studies suggest that it can improve performance from high-intensity exercises by 15%

2. Improves Muscle growth

Creatine is believe to be an effective muscle growth booster. It helps you to alter your body composition and pushes you to have a more toned body. It reduces the breakdown of those proteins that lead you to build more muscle. Further, studies have shown that creatine reduces the levels of the protein myostatin, which is known to slow muscle growth. Over the long term, creatine also assists in muscle fibre growth by signalling key biochemical pathways and enhancing workout performance.

3. Speedy Muscle Recovery

  • Recovery is an essential part of consistent performance. And creatine supplements help your muscles recover effectively by enhancing the muscle recovery speed. It does this by reducing muscle damage and promoting faster recovery by improving cell signalling. 

Creatine While Fasting

To understand “Does Creatine break a fast?”, we need to explore what breaks a fast. Technically, to break a fast, it takes anything other than a zero-calorie beverage like black tea or coffee. The good part is creatine contains no calories and does not invoke an insulin response, hence does not break a fast. Remember that, this stands true only in the case when you consume creatine on its own, with nothing, such as creatine monohydrate powder combined with water, or unsweetened tea or coffee. It will break your fast. If you consume it with other liquids such as juice or milk or some other supplements, like whey protein.

Ingredients to watch out for

When incorporating creatine in your fasting regimen. We suggest adding the purest form of creatine supplements to avoid breaking your fast. Before buying any such item, thoroughly check the label for the below-mentioned ingredients: 


Intake of sugar will increase your blood sugar levels, which as a result will invoke your insulin levels. This will break your fast, so if your creatine supplement contains added sugar it is better to consume it during the eating windows of your intermittent fasting routine to avoid breaking your fast. Many pre-workout supplements available in the market, contain sugar to sweeten the product, however, electrolyte replacement powder with creatine supplement offers a natural and safe solution. This dietary supplement is carefully formulate to enhance your fasting process with added non-caloric nutrition, ensuring that you don’t inadvertently break your fast. 

Artificial Sweeteners

Artificial sweeteners are very frequently used in creatine supplements to sweeten and boost the flavour of your supplement. Studies suggest that although the initial intake of artificial sweeteners may not break your fast, but continuous consumption can result in increased blood sugar and hence affect insulin levels. These sweeteners have been attribute to numerous issues like digestive problems or some other chronic diseases, so better to avoid them. 

Final Thoughts

Creatine, offering a wide variety of benefits, can also be a nice add-on to your fasting regimen if taken with thoughtful consideration. It can enhance your performance, muscle growth and recovery without compromising your fasting state. Be careful with its usage and consult your nutritionist if any issue is encountered.  

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